Ways to provide on Amazon 2020 bit by bit tutorial discussed for beginners

Ways to provide on Amazon 2020 bit by bit tutorial discussed for beginners

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You probably already know how massive is Amazon and that its sales have skyrocket during 2020 because of the pandemic we are right now. If you are a brand new to selling online and would like to start earning by selling on Amazon - keep watching this video as I will show all the most important things you need to know to get started in 5 steps

Selling on Amazon is one of the easiest ways to start earning online even if you do not have any existing following, any audience or you have not sold anything previously. Simply because if you would have a large existing audience you would just direct them to your website, right? That would be a different story. Now, if you are a total newbie and thinking, ok where do I get started - let’s dive in

First of all, how much time you are planning to dedicate to selling on Amazon, will it be your side hustle or full time job, why it’s important, it’s because there are a few options on how you can actually sell on Amazon. You can do FBA or FBM , fulfilled by merchant - you or fulfilled by Amazon. Fulfilled by Amazon would mean that all you need to do is to find a product and ship it to Amazon warehouse for them too fulfil your orders or your supplier can just directly ship your product to Amazon. Well, that’s a real simple way to put it, there are loads of things involved in all of the FBA process. I will be uploading a separate video all about how to sell with Amazon FBA to explain it more in details.
Ok, alternatively, you can also make money from Amazon when you do affiliate marketing by registering to Amazon’s affiliate program and become Amazon find suppliers for amazon Associate. In super short, it would mean that you are not selling directly but promoting somebody else product and then earning commission anywhere in-between 1-10% when the sale is made, ok?
Again it’s a big topic for one of my upcoming videos so If you haven’t done it yet, Subscribe to this channel and hit the notification bell not to miss it once it’s uploaded on Youtube, I do upload new videos each and every week.

Ok, so in this video are not discussing affiliate marketing or FBA but Fullfilled by Merchant - which means that you will be the one who is taking care of all your orders including the actual shipping of them.
If you search videos on Youtube there are loads of videos particularly about selling on Amazon FBA, I do however always recommend starting with FBM, fulfilled by Merchant simply because that is the best way of learning all about how the Amazon works, understanding the processes between you as a seller, Amazon and buyers, and also all that you need to learn and be aware when dealing with your suppliers. Ok, let’s get to it then

STEP 1 - Product Research

Number one, you need to do your research and find a product you would like to sell. Now, again you would need to think what is your main goal - are you looking to make a quick sales or establish your brand. Will you be just following the currently trending products or you will position yourself and stand behind your brand. Whether you want to sell a loads of products at the same time - go very broad or use some very specific niche. But you know, let me just tell you straight away, there are pros and cons in any way, ok, as any business it will not be risk free, but hey, without taking action and taking risks there is no way to succeed, right? Click here to continue reading….

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