Tips on how to earn cash on autopilot, receive passive 24/7 income using evergreen sales funnel that converts

Tips on how to earn cash on autopilot, receive passive 24/7 income using evergreen sales funnel that converts

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Evergreen sales funnel is just magical, why? Because you can set it up once and then just leave it, it will keep rocking and rolling and generating new leads and most importantly sales. Keep watching and found out how you can set it up your own evergreen sales funnel yourself, no click funnels involved.

Ok, so let’s get started and get some basics first, so a sales funnel is a marketing concept that maps out the journey a customer goes through when making any kind of purchase so you might have large number of potential customers at the top-end of the funnel, but only a small fraction of these people actuallyend up making a purchase.First - for any funnel to work you need a product. For evergreen funnel to work you need evergreen product. Meaning your product can be delivered without involving your active presence. Something that you have created and can sell over and over again, like digital products, courses, softwares and many more, ok? It can also be something that get’s delivered by somebody else, so you have set up the funnel and then have the purchases fulfilled by someone else.
As in any funnel The five basic Sales Funnel stages will be : awareness, interest, decision, action and retention stage. So you get discovered by prospects, they visit your site or landing page get attracted by your content or lead magnet, make decision and act by completing the purchase.

Ok, now let’s have a look on the value ladder in terms of sales funnels. You might come across such terms as bait, front end, mid end and back end offers, I prefer to use – lead, low ticked, mid ticket and high ticket offers which are essentially the same thing.

Ideally you would like to sell only your high ticket offers and make profits and that’s it, right? Unfortunately, that’s not quite possible, you need to be build up the trust with your customers, your clients, before they can commit to your high ticket offer, it’s just natural precautions before investing large amount of money, they need to know it will worth it.

Ok, so let’s start with your lead magnet at the bottom of the ladder, so this is the wide, wide top of your funnel, awareness stage where prospects get to know you exist. So the lead magnet how to sell online - this is basically term for free item or service that you are giving away in exchange of gathering contact details, such as email. Lead magnets are used to create sales leads. Free samples, free limited time trials, white papers and newsletter are some of the examples of lead magnets. In my experience lead magnets that really works well and converts into a sales are free guides, workshops and challenges.

The next step would be – low ticket offer- in funnel also called as tripwire offer -
Now essentially you will have a low-ticket product that offers a lot of value to potential buyer. This will be your customer’s entry point, introduction to everything else that you are offering. Usually this will be low cost offer that will be hard to resist, it will be like no brainer, let me just grab it! It will help those potential customers overcome the fear of buying from you and gain trust. And eventually, you’ll get them down your funnel towards your main higher price offers where the real money is.Click here to continue reading….

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